Articles for 1997 
Secrets of the Ancient Nile
1997 Record setting year for NASA
January's Starry Splendor
The 4200 Year Visit
More Martians!
NASA  isn't just Seeing Stars!
Moon Celebrates Spring with a Partial Eclipse
The Arrival of Hale-Bopp!
Ice on the Moon?
Spoofing with the Snowball: the stuff of Tabloids
Weather Watches and Warnings
Dinosaurs and Iridium
Max-attacks and other Things which Go Bump in the Night!
Tears from the Sky:Rain
What the Big Dipper can tell You!
Is Anyone Out There?
Two Native American Stories Explain the Stars and Sun
Remnants from a Distant Past: Lake Agassiz
Hail: When Hard Rains Fall
The Age of the Earth
The Root of the Matter
Motherhood in the Jurassic
If the Moon Didn't Exidt
August's Parade of Bright Celestial Objects
Does a Compass Always Point North?
Plight of the Songbirds
The Big Dipper and Autumn's Colours
The Beginning of Autumn and a Story about the Seasons
How Does Sound Sound?
Turtle Navigation
Scorpion Boasts two red Hearts
Lifestyles of the Stars
The 33 Year Leonid Cycle
The Salty Seas
The Child
Tunguska: Pseudoscience according to "Sightings"
Titanic: Origins of the International Ice Patrol
Could Life Form on Europa?
Planets on Parade


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