Astronomy and Earth Science: 95-96 publications

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The Earth and Space Network Articles of 1995 and 1996

Articles by Kathy Miles
Griffith Observer Article  Date Published 
 Seeing Further, The Legacy of Robert Hooke  June 96
DLN Article  Date Published 
 Clouds  6/10/96
 Starlight sets off 1933 World Fair  5/26/96
 The chemistry of rain   5/19/96
 Recycling cars helps the Earth   5/12/96
 Wobble Watching revisited   5/5/96
 Space Camp: Don't let the rocket leave without you!   5/21/96
 Bird? Plane? Spacestation?   4/21/96
 A moon munching monster, coming soon to your sky!   3/31/96
 The Celestial Culprit   3/24/96
 Comet Hyakutake   3/22/96
 Tracking the Sun, reasons for seasons  3/17/96
 Space on the Net   2/25/96
 The brightest star in the sky, and an African mystery   2/18/96
 Following the Drinking Gourd   2/11/96
 How Cold is Cold???   2/4/96
 A Matter of Perspective   1/28/96
 Beating the Cold, Naturally   1/21/96
 Waiting for Frosty   1/14/96
 The Astronomy of a constellation   12/31/95
 Winter solstice and Christmas   12/10/95
 Probing the Giant, Galileo reaches Jupiter   12/2/95
 The Mystery Of The Seventh Sisters   11/26/95
 Cometh the Comet   11/12/95
 Pegasus 51   10/29/95
 Searching for the cause   10/22/95
 Into every Autumn, some leaves must fall   10/15/95
 Columbus was an Astronomer   10/8/95
 It's a Family Affair   10/1/95
 Be sure its a star you're wishing on   9/24/95
 Birds in flight, and magnetite   9/17/95
 The forecaster's Blues   9/10/95
 In the Eye of the Beholder   9/3/95
 Bats Forever!   8/27/95
 The Greatest Storm on Earth   8/20/96
 The Great Celestial Sideshow   8/13/95
 Where There's Lightning, There's Thunder   8/6/95

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